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A Simple & Profound Way to Craft a Life of Non-Harm. April 2017, Elephant Journal

How Sorrow becomes a Path to Healing.                           June 2017, Elephant Journal

Designing a Radiant Ritual that Honors Our Life Cycle.   Aug. 2017, Rebelle Society

Yoga & Exercise Addiction: 2 Ways to Avoid.                 Aug. 2017, Elephant Journal

Two Daily Yoga Postures to Practice for a Lifetime.  Oct. 2017, Asana Journal

Outer Body~Inner Light.    April 2018, VB Friends

Tending Our Lamps.    May 2018,VB Friends

Grace, Silence and Our Nervous Systems.                       June 2018, VB Friends

Learning the Language of “Pain”: An Awareness Practice.   July  2018,VB Friends

Ahimsa and Asteya   Aug. 2018, VB Friends

Deepening Connection in the Time of Quarantine   May 2020, Elephant Journal

Feelings and Emotions are Different?!  May 2020, One Heart One Earth

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